Citizens' Voice: Comments from Past Participants

Below are several comments that we have received from past participants, either on survey forms or by email. While we can't post everyone's comments, we would like you to know that we value every opinion that we recieve, as they help shape future events. Whether you have never participated before but are thinking of coming, or if you have been to our events many times in the past, let us know what kinds of events you would like us to hold!

If you have never participated in a JETNet event before, We hope that these comments will convince you to apply for the next event. Looking forward to meeting you!

* Please note that these comments were translated from Japanese.


"Interacting with these young people made me feel 10 years younger!"

"Everyone was so upbeat, creating a fun atmosphere. I could tell that you worked really hard."

"I believe that international exchange is all about understanding humanity -- the foundation for a peaceful society. I hope that you will continue to make more opportunities like this one."

"Great job with the event today! The planning and implemention was awesome."

"I had fun today. The magic show was especially popular with my children!"

"Today was fun. My child is quite young, but I want her to grow up faster so she can participate in the cooking!"

"This was my first event so I was nervous and haven't talked with foreigners in a long time, but the food was good and I had a great time!" (young child.)

"Today's food festival was fun. I ate lots of good food. The food was from all over the world. Some of it I had never had a chance to try before, so it was a little scary, but everyone worked really hard to cook good food. Thank you very much!" (young child.)

"This was my first time participating, but now I want to participate in all your events from now on!"

"I had never participated in an international event before, so I am not used to speakingin my rusty English, but I really enjoyed myself today. Thanks for the great event! I'd like to participate again!"

"I learned a lot about cultural heritage in 8 countries and how people are working to preserve them. I also felt that all of the heritage sites fit into the same flow of history. I had a good time!"

"I had fun learning about the unique flavor of each country. Japan and Asia also have a lot of wonderful places to visit, and now I want to go see them, too."

"The event today was great! More than just listening to people speak, I spent a lot of time at and thoroughly enjoyed viewing the various displays. I felt that if I could understand 100% of what was being said, I would have enjoyed myself even more. The event really made me want to work harder at studying English."

"A lot of JET Programme teachers were at the event today, and I was glad for the opportunity to speak with them. These events are always so engaging!"

"There was even more variety in today's event than I expected! What a great time!"

"Having a hiking event is a great way to interact with people in a comfortable setting. Even though I cannot speak fluent English, everyone was very patient in listening to and talking with me. All the JETs took time to ask me questions too, making it very easy to have a conversation. I think that part of these events is incredibly important."


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