Event 3

Nara JETNet 3rd Event
International Sports Day


  On June 1, 2002, Nara JETNet held an International Sports Day event in Haibara. Since its inauguration in August 2001, JETNet has hosted three events, all of which have turned out excellent results.

  Thanks to the efforts of the JET at the Haibara Board of Education, JETNet was able to secure the cooperation of the town and local schools, helping to make the organisation of this event run smoothly. The 20 JETs who participated on the day were divided into 8 groups, each consisting of 7-8 primary school children. The event was run like a tournament to elevate the degree of motivation and competition. At total of 60 elementary school children from around Haibara enjoyed playing sports with the Nara JETs.

  The day started off with the JETs demonstrating various sports and games for the participants, including American-style cheerleading and the Australian Heel-and-Toe dance. The Heel-and-Toe in particular was greatly enjoyed by both the older kids and the Japanese representatives from the Haibara Board of Education and was chosen as one of the event's main highlights. Various ball games were also introduced, and participant surveys revealed that they were the younger participants' favourite activity. When we were all covered with sweat and a sense of group cohesion, it was time for lunch. JETs and some children went outside to enjoy the nice weather and good-natured chatting.

After lunch, presentations from the UK and Venezuela groups wowed the audience with a brief history of football and merengue dancing, respectively.

  After that, groups rotated playing volleyball, soccer, handball and relay games, and by the time the competition was over everyone was almost out of energy. The New Zealand group then demonstrated Ti Rakau, a New Zealand traditional stick dance, and Canadian jets lead a quiz show on Canada which was not only educational but also great fun.

  Alas, the event came to a close, and after the winning group was announced participants and JETs headed home with sore bodies, sun burnt faces and fond memories.

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