Event 10

Nara JETNet 10th Event
International Art Show

  On June 5, 2004, Nara JETNet held its tenth international event, an International Art Fair, at Kawanishi Culture Center. The event involved over 300 Japanese participants of various ages and backgrounds. 50 JETs introduced traditional and modern art from seven different countries as well as displaying their various works of art, including drawings, pottery, photography, film, and magic.

  Participants began setting up the evening of June 4 and returned the following morning to perfect their country displays. In addition to various displays, which were shown all day long, the art show featured multiple events occurring at the same time, ensuring that there was always plenty to see and experience.

  After brief greetings from Nara JETNet, the event officially began with an incredible magic show preformed by a Nara JET. Other events for the day included a mini pottery course that was enjoyed by many of the adult participants, a balloon art interactive demonstration that left children with huge smiles on their faces, a martial arts display that wowed the audience, and a "crayon box" cooperative art display in which JET and Japanese participants alike colored in large paper crayons and added them to the same crayon box ? a symbolic gesture of international cooperation that was popular with all. There were also musical presentations, including a concert with musical spoons, an instrument that was little known before the event but truly impressed the listeners.

  Displays of art from various countries and ethnic groups, a fixture at JETNet events, were also at their finest. In addition to pictures and information pamphlets, many groups chose to emphasize interaction with the event’s participants. Mexico had a "one minute masterpiece" competition in which people had one minute to copy a famous Mexican painting. The African-American group had traditional garments to try on, and many other groups brought computers, videos, and quizzes to draw people to their booths. Not to be outdone, JET and Japanese artists from all over Nara Prefecture displayed their art, ranging from origami, photos, and scientific illustrations to collages, pottery, charcoal drawings, paintings, and more! Everyone who viewed the artists’work was overwhelmed with the level of artistic talent in the prefecture, and viewers were left with much food for thought regarding the relationship between art and internationalization.

  The event ended with a showing of the movie Rock, Paper, Scissors, an independent film made by Nara JETs and Nara citizens. A mystery movie with themes of internationalization and cultural friction, everyone who watched it felt that it raised many interesting issues and left a lot to talk about. Surveys revealed that the event was another huge success, and many commented that with so many things to see, it was impossible to be bored. The JETNet team would like to thank everyone who participated for their continuing support!

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