Event 25

Nara JETNet 25th Event
A Very JETNet Christmas

  On December 13th, 2008, Nara JETNet in association with the Ikoma City International Exchange Club held the 25th JETNet Event “A Very JETNet Christmas” at the Ikoma City Library. Nara JETNet is a committee which plans events to promote cultural exchange and understanding between the members of the JET Programme and citizens of Nara Prefecture. The organizers of JETNet’s events are the 5 Coordinators for International Relations (CIR) in Nara City, as well as 1 Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) from the Nara Board of Education, while the members are JET Programme participants from throughout Nara Prefecture. This event involved citizens of Nara of all ages as well as 35 JET Programme participants who enjoyed themselves by playing games and learning about Christmas traditions in different countries.

  The event started at 10am, and after greetings from the international club and JETNet chairperson, some participants donned costumes and sang a Scandinavian Christmas song. They then created Christmas tree decorations and Christmas cards. Before lunch, participants were visited by Mr. and Mrs. Clause, who answered questions from the captivated audience. Participants then enjoyed their lunches while preparing Christmas wishes they wrote on cards and then stuck to a “naked” Santa. The event resumed at 1pm, and participants were split into teams to compete in the Christmas Quiz Show, where they were then quizzed in both English and Japanese on a variety of topics, where both JETs and Japanese participants surely learned a few things. Continuing the day, a game of Christmas Bingo was then played where the winners got first choice of presents that all participants had prepared and brought. After everyone had received a present, Charles Dickens’ classic story “A Christmas Carol” was then presented and explained, followed by an original retelling and performance of the story “A Nara Christmas Carol” by Nara JETs. At the end of the day, points accumulated from the games were totaled and presents awarded to the winning teams.

  According to the surveys distributed at the event, Japanese participants enjoyed the event quite a lot. They indicated that they really enjoyed the performance of “A Nara Christmas Carol”, but also had fun making Christmas crafts and talking with JETs. Although there was some worry about whether the comedy in the play would translate, it seems to have received a great reception by both JETs and Japanese participants, and the event on the whole was a big success.

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