Event 28

Nara JETNet 28th Event
A JETNet Adventure around Asuka

  On October 17th, 2009, Nara JETNet held its 28th event in Asuka Village entitled, “A JETNet Adventure around Asuka”. Nara JETNet is a committee which plans events to promote cultural exchange and understanding between the members of the JET Programme and citizens of Nara Prefecture. The organizers of JETNet’s events are the 5 Coordinators for International Relations (CIR) in Nara City, while the members are JET Programme participants located throughout Nara Prefecture. This event saw 57 citizens of the prefecture participate alongside 41 JETs who worked together to tour around Asuka, collecting answers to questions presented in “orienteering” style.

  The day’s event began at 10.30am, and after greetings from the JETNet chairperson, each group played icebreaker games for members to get to know one another. The orienteering portion of the event began at 10.50am, and groups started off along the path between Kintetsu Asuka Station and Kame-ishi, collecting answers to the first set of questions while chatting with each other. So that conversation between members and participants would be further encouraged, the questions that were distributed were presented either in English or Japanese only. Group members had to work together to solve each problem while enjoying the beautiful scenery and deep history featured in Asuka. Around 1.00pm, groups gathered at a rest area and enjoyed lunch together, and children enjoyed playing games with some of the JETs. While it was planned to continue the orienteering once the lunch break was over, strong rain began to fall, and unfortunately, the remainder of the event had to be canceled.

  While many of those who applied to participate in the event were unable to do so due to sickness or other commitments, and the event was eventually called off due to the rain, surveys distributed to participants were returned with very positive responses. Over half of participants said that it was the first event they had taken part in, and many comments from Nara’s citizens reflected ideas such as, “I was able to learn and practice English,” and “I was able to have conversations with many friendly JETs and really enjoy myself. Their Japanese was really good, too!” JETs responded to surveys indicating that they enjoyed the conversations they were able to have with participants, facilitated by the day’s activities.

  JETNet would like to thank all those that participated.

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