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Yatadera Temple
The temple of hydrangeas
Though officially called Kongosenji Temple, it is more familiarly known as "Yata-no-ojizosan." The "Jizobosatsu" statue, or divine all-nourishing mother, is designated as an important cultural asset. Yatadera Temple is also known as the temple of hydrangeas. A stunning sight, 8,000 plants of 60 different species of hydrangeas greet visitors and worshippers during June and July.
0743-53-1445 / 9:00 - 17:00 / Open 7 days a week
200 (or 400 during the hydrangea season)
Take bus No.20 from Kintetsu Koriyama Station and get off at Yatadera. A 5-minute walk from the bus stop

Tatsuta Shrine
An ancient sightseeing spot for autumn maple leaves
Tatsuta Shrine is dedicated to Tatsuta Myojin the deity of wind and rich harvests. It is said that an old white haired man (Tatsuta Myojin) appeared before Prince Shotoku when restarted construction of Horyuji Temple (world heritage site), and instructed him to build the temple in the Ikaruga area. From ancient times, Tatsuta, where the shrine is situated has been a popular spot for viewing maple leaves. The entire precinct is decorated in beautiful colors in the fall.
0745-75-3163 / Open 7 days a week
Admission Free
Take bus No. 60, 62, 63 or 92 from JR Oji Station and get off at Tatsutajinja Mae.

Hozanji Temple
A temple which gives happiness in this world.
Located on the east slope of Mt. Ikoma (642m above sea-level), Hozanji Temple is familiarly called "Ikoma no Shoten san." "Kankiten", enshrined in its Shotendo Hall, is believed as a deity of luck, commerce, amicable marital relationships, having children, and granting people's worldly hopes and desires. The precinct is crowded every day with worshippers and visitors. For three days starting from Jan. 1, rows of stalls line the street leading to the temple, as it bustles with New Years worshippers.
0743-73-2006 / Open 7 days a week
Admission Free
A 10-minute walk from Hozanji Station on the Ikoma Cable Lines

Fujinoki Burial Mound
An old circular tomb full of mystery
The Fujinoki burial mound is a circular tomb 48m in diameter and 9m high, designated as an important cultural asset after excavations uncovered a house-shaped stone coffin and other gorgeous burial items. All the items excavated there are kept and displayed in the Museum of the Archaeological Institute of Kashihara, Nara Prefecture. The bones of two people were laid in the stone coffin. Fujinoki is a subject of interest among archaeologists, as the question of who were buried with such valuable burial items remains a mystery.
0745-74-1001 (Lifelong Education Division, Ikaruga Town Board of Education) / Open 7 days a week
Admission free
Take bus No. 72 from JR Horyuji Station and get off at Horyuji. A 15-minute walk from the bus stop
1 2 Access / Sightseeing Course / Rent-a-Cycle
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