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Kinpusenji Temple
Gigantic 7m-tall Zaogongen Statue
It is said that this is one of the temples established by the magico-religious practitioner, Ennogyoja who underwent ascetic training on Mt. Katsuragi in Yamato area (the present day Nara Prefecture) in the 8th century. Three gigantic Zaogongen Statue, each 7m high, are situated there. These statues are open to the public only on special occasions. Zaodo Hall is 27.7m in height, the second largest hall after the Daibutsuden Hall in Todaiji Temple in Japan.
07463-2-8371 / 8:00 - 16:45 / Open 7 days a week
Admission to the grounds Free. Admission to Zaodo Hall : 400
Get on the rope way from Kintetsu Yoshino Station and get off at Yoshinoyama Ropeway Station. A 10-minute walk from the station
Major Event : Onino Chobuku Shiki (Ceremony of persuading ogres) : A day before the first day of spring of the lunar calendar in February ; Kawazutobi (Frogs hopping) : Jul.7

Yoshinoyama Mountainous Area
A panoramic scroll of beautiful cherry blossoms
Yoshinoyama is famous for its cherry blossoms. The entire mountain is divided into the four areas of 'Shimo Senbon', the lower forest, 'Naka Senbon', the middle forest, 'Kami Senbon', the upper forest, and 'Oku Senbon', the deep forest, according to the order in which the cherry blossoms bloom in April. It is a spectacular sight. As well as the spring, Yoshino is worth visiting at other times of the year: to see the colored leaves in fall and snowscapes in winter.
07463-2-3081 (Yoshino Town Culture, Tourism, Commerce and Industry Divn.)
Get on the ropeway from Kintetsu Yoshino Station and get off at Yoshinoyama Ropeway Station.
Tour of Mt. Yoshino
Spring is the best season in cherry blossom
viewing around Mt. Yoshino
Besides gorgeous views of cherry blossoms,
Yoshino has many historical spots all around the area and many people visit Yoshino throughout the year.
Rope Way 'Yoshinoyama' Station
5-min. walk
Do-no-Torii 5-min
5-min. walk
Zaodo hall of Kinpusenji Temple 30-min
8-min. walk
Yoshimizu Shrine 30-min
13-min. walk
Chikurin-in 20-min
29-min. walk
Yoshino Mikumari Shrine 20-min
29-min. walk
Nyoirinji Temple 30-min
32-min. walk
Rope Way 'Yoshinoyama' Station
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