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A group of mysterious stones in the Asuka area.
The Asuka area has many strangely shaped stones. Many theories have been put forward but it is still unclear as to how these stones were used. Kameishi is one such mysterious stone. Kameishi was named from its shape, which is something like a tortoise sitting still. The size of the stone is 3.6m in length and 40t in weight. Its front view implies a smiling human face, and it stimulates the viewers' imagination.
accessTake bus from Kintetsu Kashihara Jingu Mae Station and get off at Noguchi. A 20-minute walk from Kintetsu Asuka Station

Tachibanadera Temple
The Birthplace of Prince Shotoku
An enthusiastic promoter of Buddhism, Prince Shotoku established 7 temples in total in his life. This is said to be one of them, and is regarded as the place Prince Shotoku was born. In the 8th century when the temple was founded, it had 66 halls in its precincts. However, now all that remains is the foundation stones of the pagodas and buildings. In the precincts is a marble stone carved with two human faces expressing good and evil.
tel0744-54-2026 / 9:00 - 16:30 / Open 7 days a week
admissionadmission300 (or admission350 when the temple treasures are open to public)
accessTake bus No. 2 or 5 from Kintetsu Kashiharajingu Mae Station and get off at Okahashimoto. A 3-minute walk from the bus stop
Mysterious stone objects in Asuka
Asuka has a lot of stone objects. It is unknown who, how and why these were made. Many people have expressed their views but it is still unclear. Asuka's stone objects are a popular sightseeing spot. Use a Rent-a-Cycle service and see the deep-insight of Asuka. Rent-a-Cycle service is available at railroad stations.
Kintetsu Asuka Station
Approx. 400m Rent-a-Cycle Approx. 2 minutes
Four stones are found in the tomb of Kibitsuhime, three out of them has human faces on the front and backside of it. It is said that they are the images of men and women. The name Saruishi or monkey stone is derived from the fact that the faces carved looks like a monkey. It is unknown why they are made. They are one of the mysterious stone objects in Nara.
Approx. 600m Approx. 3 min by bicycle
Oni-no-secchin, Oni-no-manaita
These are box shaped and board shaped granites. Legend says ogres led people in wrong direction to get them caught, cook them on the board shaped stone, and eat them. Secchin is an old Japanese word for a toilet. The box shaped stone is said to be a toilet of ogres.
Approx. 1km Approx. 5 min. by bicycle
The size of the stone is 3.6m in length and 40t in weight. Its front view implies a smiling tortoise. A legend says when the tortoise turns to the west, a massive flood comes.
Approx. 1.5km Approx. 8 min. by Rent-a-Cycle
Sakafune Ishi
Geometric patterns are carved onto the surface of a huge stone 5.5m in length, 2.3m in width and 1m in thickness. Some say the stone is used for drawing water into the garden of the Imperial Palace, while others say they are used to squeeze sake and oil. However, the widely believed are that the stone is one of the garden accessories.
Approx. 3.5km Approx. 20 min. by bicycle
Kintetsu Asuka Station
1 2 3 4 Access / Sightseeing Course / Rent-a-Cycle
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