the Nara Prefecture Project for Promoting the Use of Local Meat for School Lunches

 In order to increase the consumption of locally produced beef and Yamato Nikudori chicken that declined due to COVID-19, and to promote food education to children as well, local meat was provided for school lunches during the fiscal year of 2020. This project was carried out mainly by the Nara Prefecture Council for Promoting the Use of Local Meat for School Lunches.

 Through this project, the meat was provided to a total of 262 schools including elementary schools, junior high schools, and schools for special needs education.

 Total number of people who enjoyed the lunch: 279,743 people

Provided amount: Beef produced mainly in Nara Prefecture: 8,043 kg Yamato Nikudori chicken: 3,394 kg

The following shows how the project was carried out at schools including school lunch menus, and scenes of food education.

-Overview of the project (pdf 513KB)

Provided ingredients (brand livestock in Nara Prefecture)

-Yamato beef(pdf 188KB)

-Yamato Nikudori chiken(pdf 186KB)