Lifestyle Information

The following is a list of useful information for your life in Japan, please make sure to read it all thoroughly.

  ◇Information regarding the new residency card (as of 2012)
  →Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Home Page

  ◇Information regarding the new residency management system (as of 2012)
  Immigration Services Agency  Home Page


  ◇Essential information for living in Japan.

  →CLAIR Multilingual Lifestyle Information

  ◇Free iOS/Android Multilingual App for Foreign Residents "Japan Life Guide"
  → CLAIR Information flyer

  ◇How to call the emergency services (Police, Fire Department)

   ■Police - 110        
      In the case of an accident, theft or act of violence


        ■Fire, ambulance - 119

      In the case of a fire, sudden illness or injury