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Mt. Takamiyama
The entire mountain is covered with white hoarfrost in winter.
Otherwise known as 'the Matterhorn of the Kinki Region', Mt. Takamiyama is a cone shaped mountain with its peak 1,249m above sea-level, and is situated at the boundary of Nara and Mie Prefectures. Many climbers visit this mountain to see beautiful hoarfrost around the mountaintop.
07464-2-0441 (Higashi Yoshino Village Tourist Association)
Take bus No. 70 or 71 from Kintetsu Haibara Station and get off at Takami Tozanguchi. (A direct bus service is available from Haibara Station to Takami Tozanguchi on Saturdays and Sundays from mid-January to the end of February.)

Museum of Forest and Headstream
Learn through hans on experience
Located in Kawakami Village where the Yoshino River and the Kinokawa River originate, Mori-to-Mizu-no Genryu Kan (The Museum of Forests and Headwaters) tells us all about the water we drink and use every day. How water is purified through the forest, and other questions you may have about nature are shown effectively through a georama and panorama screens.
07465-2-0888 / 9:00-17:00 / Closed on Wednesdays. (or the following Thursday if the Wednesday falls on a national holiday)
Adult: 400 / 6 to 15 years old: 200
Take bus No. 75, 78, 85 or 88 from Kintetsu Yamato Kamiichi Station and get off at Yumorionsen Suginoyu. A 5-minute walk from the bus stop

Odaigahara Plateau
A primeval forest surviving to the present day
A plateau extending 4km east to west and 2 to 3km north to south, Odaigahara is referred to as the 'Roof of the Kinki Region'. Located 1,300m to 1,600m above sea-level, it is one of the areas with the heaviest precipitation in Japan. The entire area is covered with a forest of fir trees and beeches and is the home to wild animals such as deer and foxes. There are two walking trails, 'Higashi Odai' and 'Nishi Odai', each extending approx. 9km.
07468-2-0001 (Kamikitayama Village Local Promotion Divn.)
Take bus No. 230 from Kintetsu Yamato Kamiichi Station and get off at Odaigahara . (The bus service is not available from December to mid-April.)

Fudo Nanae Fall
A spectacular waterfall where the scenery changes with the season
Fudo Nanae Fall was chosen as one of the 100 most beautiful waterfalls of Japan. Fed by the Zenkigawa River, water cascades down in seven stages, falling 100m from the top to the bottom and providing a majestic natural view. Early summer and fall are especially good seasons to see the picturesque beauty of the scenery.
Take bus No. 75, 85 or 230 from Kintetsu Yamato Kamiichi Station and get off at Zenkiguchi. A 2-hour walk from the bus stop
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