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Kurotaki-Morimonogatari Village
Comprehensive recreation facilities complete with hot spring
Located at the center of Nara Prefecture, Kurotaki-Morimonogatari Village is a recreation facility in the forest. The facility has a hot spring, a pool and tennis court(s) as well as other amenities, and visitors can enjoy sports in the midst of nature. The 200 year-old house of a former village master (Shoya) is open to the public and gives us a glimpse of people's lives in the village in the past.
0747-62-2770 / Closed on Tuesdays (or the following Wednesday if the Tuesday falls on a national holiday)
Drive along the Route 169 from Kashihara City to Shimoichi Town. From Shimoichi, go southward along the Route 309. Cross over the Hirosaki Toge pass, and turn left at the corner of Yoshinoji 309 Sogo Annai Center

Mitarai Valley
Seasons are beautifully reflected in the pure brook.
It is possible to truly appreciate nature here. The 4km long valley is decorated with both large and small waterfalls, giant rocks and hanging bridges. Visitors can enjoy azaleas and other flowers in summer, and the views of colored leaves reflecting in the river in fall.
0747-63-0321 (Tenkawa Village Tourism Planning Divn.)
Take bus No. 2 or 7 from Kintetsu Shimoichiguchi Station and get off at Tenkawa Kawai. A 40-minute walk from the bus stop

Ano Bairin Plum-Grove
A plum-flower mountain village
Approx. 20,000 plum flowers are in full bloom from the end of February through March. Ancient Japanese poems about this plum grove written in the 14th century show that the village was already a famous plum village at this time. The existing plum grove was shaped for the cultivation and harvesting of plums in the 19th century.
07473-3-0301 (Nishi Yoshino Village Industrial Divn.)
Take bus No. 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 from JR Gojo Station and get off at Ano Wada Kitaguchi. A 3-minute walk from the bus stop

Oto Cosmic Park Hoshino Kuni
Get a closer view of the skyful of stars
This is a planetarium located at Oto Village, well-known for its beautiful night sky and hot spring. The reflecting telescope with a focal length of 450mm is open to visitors for star gazing. The planetarium shows approx. 6,000 stars on the 360°screen. It is a good place to ponder over the mysteries of the universe.
0747-35-0321 / Closed on Mondays. (or the following Tuesday, if the Monday falls on a national holiday)
Adult : 500 / Child : 300
Take bus from Kintetsu Yagi Station and get off at Otomura Yakuba.
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