The covid-19 infection is still occurring.

 An Appeal to the Residents of Nara Prefecture: Maintain Your Efforts in Order Not to Catch or Spread Covid-19

Measures to Not Catch or Spread Covid-19

○ Please do the following three things to prevent the spread of infection:
- Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
- Maintain social distancing.
- If you have symptoms (fever, cough, loss of sense of taste or smell, etc.), please do not go out and stay at home, if possible.

○Please keep the following in mind in your everyday life.
- Maintain social distancing.
- When talking with others, try to avoid facing each other.
- Wear a face mask.
- When you come home, wash your hands, gargle and take a shower as soon as possible.

(When you go out)
-Try to avoid going to big cities such as Osaka for reasons other than work.
- If you go to big cities for work, take special care not to catch the infection.
- Avoid visiting nightclubs and the like in busy downtown areas.

(When you work)
- Check your temperature before leaving home.
- Stay at home if you have a fever or cough.
- Open the windows regularly while working.
- Try to reduce the amount of times you go in to work.
- Try to work from home.

(When you go shopping)

- Go alone or with a minimum number of people.
– Try to go shopping when it is not crowded.
- Maintain social distancing when you que up at a checkout line.

(When you exercise or play a sport)
- Go to a park when it is not crowded.
- Maintain social distancing.

(When you eat out)

- Avoid sharing food with others.
- Avoid talking as much as possible while eating.

○Please call a doctor before you visit a hospital.

- If you have any symptoms such as a fever, cough or impaired sense of taste or smell, please call a doctor before you visit a hospital.

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